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Providing faith influenced, common sense, transformational instructional content that empowers, equips, advances, and produces lasting hope to anyone who desires to be an impact maker.

Stephen Scoggins

Founder, Master Life & Business Strategist Founder of The Journey Principles Institute

America’s leading voice on life transformation. Stephen is the founder of several successful companies including one that is very close to his heart, The Journey Principles Institute and the creator of Transform U Life Mastery Framework. He is Bestselling Author, Transformational Speaker and Highly successful Entrepreneur who is relentlessly focused on helping the person he used to be live a life of freedom, passion and wholeness.  

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Renee Habersetzer

Executive Director of The Journey Principles Institute.

 A dedicated professional who focused on helping people get the personal transformation they need in life, business , and career.  She offers every student or Alumni a passionate heart and diligence towards helping them achieve excellence.

Served as Non-Profit Executive, Commercial/Residential Property, Government Relations Marketing/Auditor and Executive Director 

(919) 777-4050

Micheal Garner

Executive Director of Immersion Experiances

A Board Certified Professional counselor and local youth Pastor. Micheal leads our Immersion experience team with excellence putting his experience and the Transform U Framework to work for you in a one to one experience allowing you to go further faster and get pivotal life mastery in as little as 3 days. 


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Evan Burks

Executive Director of Live Events

A Executive Director with a history of planning, executing, and laying fertile ground for lasting life transformation for our students and Alumni. He has been trained and the arts of  Methodical Continuous Improvement Leader delivering superior performance using Lean, Six Sigma and T.O.C methodologies in order to achieve substantial and measurable results.

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The Creative Design Team

Dedicated to The Relentless Pursuit Of Bringing Excellence to Your Experiance. 

Jeff Lawson

Executive Director of Graphics & Design

USAF Veteran and Seasoned graphic design professional specializing in logo design, branding & identity, package design, and integrated marketing collateral. Creating opportunities for others is not easy but Jeff and his team are committed to design that give you excellence through out your total experience

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Connor Kraft

Lead Client Outreach Specialist

Seasoned Digital Custom outreach specialist who was inspired to join The Journey Principles Institute after his own personal transformation. Almost a decade of reaching out to those who are searching for permanent lasting change , his key focus is helping you get clear, get started and have the life or buisness of your dreams. 

(919) 777-4050

Brian Bethea

Director of Media Production

His passion is to create content that matters, that people can believe in – to tell stories on film and to capture life’s special moments and people with still photography. Since graduating, he’s worked with Startled Cat, Inc. on the launch of the Critter Kin eBook series, Pay Pros Veterinary, P.O.V Productions, and the Musculature Transplant Foundation (MTF). He has also worked on still photography projects for clients. 


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A FREE GUIDE For 5 Principles You Must-Have to Win at Life


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