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Finding a breakthrough in your life or business can be overwhelming, but you have the power to fix it and we were created to show you how.

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If you’re like most of us, you’re aware there is more to life but you have had a tremendous time figuring out how to do it. You’re not alone. Millions of us, year after year are living lives of quiet desperation and have totally given up on our life dreams and aspirations. If there was truly a way to live a life of promise, vibrancy, and opportunity you would jump on the opportunity to make it happen. I know what it’s like to waste your time and money — leaving you stuck and frustrated. I spent decades spinning my wheels only because I did not know what I didn’t know.

Lasting results are known as “BREAKTHROUGH”. Realize lasting life mastery is not focused on a single area. We help you create a plan focused on progress in very specific areas of life. “All 8 Pillars of Life”

8 Pillars of Life 

Consider those you love most. Shouldn’t they see joy and deeply passionate nature in your life? It’s time to live fully awakened.

It’s time to have the passion, creativity, and endurance you need to become a warrior — being your best at work and at home. What you are truly seeking is lasting breakthrough and success, and that’s what really matters. Progressing in all of life’s 8 Pillars will yield transformational results; therefore, transforming the lives of everyone around you. 


  • Financial Security
  • Reliable Fulfilling Relationships
  • Emotional Security
  • Resilient Spirituality
  • A Thriving Professional Career That Matters
  • A Healthy Lifestyle
  • Constant Progress Developing Yourself
  • A Way to Leave Your Mark



Welcome! I’m Stephen.

I am a successful entrepreneur, best-selling author, and life and business strategist. Please don’t let these so-called titles fool you. The way I see it, those titles only have value if I can help you be more than you can possibly imagine. I have been able to enjoy tremendous blessings in life my life, but it has not always been that way. It seems only yesterday that I was begging a friend to sleep in his car, dropped out of high school, and at my lowest point even attempted the unthinkable. Now, I’m married to a woman who makes each day a little sweeter and my kids thriving in their lives. About 20 years ago, I found myself at a different kind of crossroads, and the adversity I faced now gives me deeper purpose and meaning. As I searched my heart, I discovered that the greatest purpose in life is serving the person you used to be. Since then I have been obsessed with people radically transforming every area of their life and it is my passion to assist people in creating a scalable framework to achieve lasting results. I might have started my company from sleeping in that car — but I had faith to believe in miracles. That resilient determination and faith were the catalysts that launched me to build several companies that employ hundreds over three states. It forced me to learn the hard way and truly value the application of principles that work.



The truth is, I’m pursuing my passion and helping others do the same. I created the Transform U Framework to help equip people to transform their lives from the inside out and finally live a life they love! 

I’m relentless about helping those tired of being stuck and wanting more in life. It is my passion to launch individuals in their God-given gifts to find work that matters — whether it’s in their life, business, or career.

Don’t believe the lie that you “make it up as you go” or “fake it till you make it”. 

I don’t know where you are today. Maybe you want to do something more but you’re not sure what. Maybe you have your ideas but have no direction. Maybe you’ve been burning the candle at both ends and you’re on the verge of burnout. Wherever you are, I want you to know that I am here for you. More importantly, I want you to know that you can do this. You’ve got the passion or you wouldn’t be reading this. So, let’s take your passion and together, we’ll create a plan to find your purpose and help you leverage it so you will never be stuck again.

Here Is How We Help

The Journey Principles Institutes, Transform U Framework is revolutionary because it is not based on academic wishful thinking. Our framework is based on principles that have been explored, developed, and refined through the lens of faith. We understand you want to know who you are at your core. The truth is you can get undeniable results and become a difference-maker by walking out principles toward a fulfilling purpose. It’s not fair for you to struggle when the answers are at your fingertips. We know how difficult it is to discover who you are, what you are to do, and how you must get there. Take ownership of your future with a proven process to guide you to life transformation.


The Transform U Life Mastery Framework is a culmination of a Live Immersive Workshop, continual online education and one to one life strategy sessions taught by Stephen Scoggins, creator of the Transform U Life Mastery framework. Stephen was taught by life and humbled by grace. He studied Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Neurolinguistics for decades and is versatile in human thought, resilience, and life mastery.  He’s consulted with hundreds of entrepreneurs, athletes, students, CEO’s, pastors and soccer moms to help them clarify their life’s meaning, purpose, and direction.

The Journey Principles Transform U Life Mastery System was designed to bring your hidden strengths, talents, and purpose to the surface. You will learn how to recognize and remove roadblocks that have been holding you back for years. Transform U’s attendees have dramatically increased their clarity, purpose, and direction after learning the Transform U techniques, strategies, and principles.

Over the course of the 3-Day Transform U Life Mastery Event, you will: 

  1. Learn how to gain complete clarity and perspective in your life and completely develop personalized life strategies. You will understand what God says about a redemptive life’s journey, how His hands move, and why it’s the most powerful resource you will ever need to help you discover your purpose and glorify God.

  2. Learn how this systematic process has been used by the world’s top entrepreneurs, athletes, and entertainers to disrupt and overcome self-destructive behaviors and get off the hamster wheel of life.

  3. Apply the Transform U Framework and live a more meaningful life towards the renewal of others and yourself. Journey Principles Transform U will help you create compelling life strategies that put rivers of living water where desserts once stood.

Every one of us were created for lasting freedom in life that has tremendous value and purpose. We are here to guide everyone — from the misfits and outcasts to those of high influence. You can play a part in transforming lives and preventing others from living an unfulfilled life. Once you change one life you will never look back, because it creates a legacy through future family trees.

Register for the Transform U Life Mastery today and spend 3 days with Stephen Scoggins and his team. Why? Because if you don’t get started now then every life you could play a part in transforming will pass you by.

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A FREE GUIDE For 5 Principles You Must-Have to Win at Life

A FREE GUIDE For 5 Principles You Must-Have to Win at Life


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